Increasing high volume production efficiencies to help improve the overall mobile / wireless package reliability to reduce costs.


Bring your most innovative designs to market with the lightweight strength and reliability that only Alpha performance materials can provide.  Our comprehensive experience on the assembly line, combined with intensive research and development, has resulted in the customized solutions for today complex package assemblies.  Alpha’s innovations for Mobile / Wireless package applications include: solder pastes, fluxes, die adhesives, and re-workable adhesive pastes and films.

Conductive Die Attach

Product Name Format Deposition Method Thermal (W/m-k) Key Features Component Type
Water Lamination Dispense Print Bare Silicon Compatibility Modulus
Paste   o   Extreme o Mid QFN, BGA, SO, TO
558- 2C31
Paste   o   Low o Low QFN, SO, BGA, QFP, TSSO, LGA
Paste   o o Medium o Low QFN, SO, TSSO, LGA

Conductive Polymer

Product Name Format Deposition Method Property Application
Water Lamination Pick & Place Dispense Print Reworkable  Thermal  (W/m-k) Tg 
STAYSTIK® 8000 Film o o       Low High Low Temp lamination, substrate, backplane attach


Product Name Format Deposition Method Activation Require Getter Type Application
Pick & Place Dispense Print Hydrogen Moisture Particle
Paste   o o     o   Hi Rel Hermetic Packages: Military, Defense, Telecom and Medical

Paste flux

Product Name Material Type Deposition Method Properties Component Type
Pin Transfer Print Dip Halide Free Activity Vicosity Tackiness
NCX-390 No Clean o   o o Hi Med Hi BGA/FCCSP
POP707     o o Hi Lo Hi BGA/FCCSP/POP
NCX PRL-505 Epoxy o o o   Lo Hi Hi BGA/FCCSP/Wafer
WS5018-HA Water  Soluble o   o   Hi Med Hi FCCSP
WSX-1207 o o o o Hi Med Hi BGA/FCCSP
WSX-1405A o o o o Hi Med Hi BGA/FCCSP
WSX-HAHF o o o o Hi Med Hi BGA/FCCSP
WSX-HF-HAHV o o o o Hi Hi Hi BGA/wafer

Solder paste

Product Name Material Type Deposition Method Properties Powder Size Component Type
Dispense Print Dip Halide Free Actiivty Tackiness Fine Pitch Capable Lead Free Type 3 Type 4 Type 5 Type 6
WS693CPS Water Soluble   o   o Hi Hi o o   o o o SiP/BGA
NCP390 NoClean   o   o Hi Hi o o   o o o SiP/BGA
POP-33 o   o o Hi Hi o o     o   POP


Type Alloy Alloy Tin(Sn) Lead
Silver (Ag) Bismuth (Bi) Copper (Cu) Melting Point (oC) Attributes
Eutectic Solidus Liquidus
Lead Free Standard Sn96.5/Ag3.5 96.5 -- 3.5 -- -- 221 -- -- Eutectic Tin-Silver
SAC405 95.5 -- 4.0 -- 0.5 -- 217 225 Industry Standard Lead-Free
SAC305 96.5 -- 3.0 -- 0.5 -- 217 221 Industry Standard Lead-Free
SAC125 98.3 -- 1.2 -- 0.5 -- 217 228 Low-Silver Lead-Free alloys for optimal drop-shock resistance (SACX contain Proprietary materials) 
SAC105 98.5 -- 1.0 -- 0.5 -- 217 228
High Reliability SACX Plus®
Modified SAC0307 Alloy -- 217 228
Maxrel TM Modified SAC -- 212 220 High thermal cycle resistance and better than standard drop shock performance
Maxrel Plus TM Modified (Sb Free) -- 211 216
Standard Sn42/Bi57.6/Ag0.4  42 --
 0.4  57.6 --
138 -- -- Lead free low melting point
Tin Lead
Sn62/Pb36/Ag2 62 36 2.0 -- -- 179 -- -- Eutectic Tin-Lead-Silver
Sn63/Pb37 63 37 -- -- -- 183 -- -- Eutectic Tin-Lead
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