Solder Paste

Alpha Advanced Materials offers a full line of technologically advanced solder pastes developed to provide high throughput and yield, and lowest cost of ownership for a wide range of applications. 

Alpha Advanced Materials no-clean and water-soluble solder pastes for component attach, die-attach and wafer bumping applications meet challenging lead-free and eutectic processing needs. These products were developed to deliver excellent printing and dispensing performance, while maximizing process throughput and yield.

Product Name Material Type Deposition Method Properties Powder Size Component Type
Dispense Print Dip Halide Free Activty Tackiness Fine Pitch Capable Lead Free Type 3 Type 4 Type 5 Type 6
NCP1213 No Clean o     o Hi Hi     o       Leadframe
NCP-390   o   o Hi Hi o o   o o o SiP/BGA
NCP-340   o   o Hi Hi o o   o     SiP/BGA
NCP-NR002   o   o Hi Hi o o   o     SiP/BGA
POP-33 o   o o Hi Hi o o     o   POP
WS609 Water Soluble   o   o Hi Hi   o o o     SiP/BGA
WS693CPS   o   o Hi Hi o o   o o o SiP/BGA
WS698CPS   o   o Hi Hi o o   o SiP/BGA
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