Wafer Thinning

Alpha Advanced Materials offers high performance temporary bonding materials for wafer thinning applications. Products include spin coat-able pastes which are designed for superior bonding of dissimilar surfaces, excellent solvent resistance and quick and easy residue-free debonding. The products are extremely versatile for various wafer applications such as lapping, polishing and cutting of GaAs or Silicon wafers and also for slider head manufacturing or lens polishing applications.

Non Conductive Polymer

Product Name Format Deposition Method Reworkable  Application
Water Lamination Pick & Place Dispense Spin Coat Dippable Print
STAYSTIK® 336T Paste      o o   o o Wafer Thinning, Lens polishing
STAYSTIK® ResinE2 Paste      o o   o o Wafer Thinning, Lens polishing
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