ALPHA® LED Products

More companies trust Alpha to optimize the LED industry’s technology drivers of cost per lumen, efficiency, brightness, and reliability over lifetime.  Our value-adding products are the result of our strong commitment to researching and developing technologies that positively impact each key step of the LED manufacturing process, from package on board through to the assemblies of the luminaire and power drive and control.

Alpha’s innovations for LED applications include: solder pastes, silver sinter technology, conductive epoxy and adhesives, preforms, bar, wire, stick, flux, and low temperature traces.

Alpha LED Products

Related Alpha Products for the LED Market

Alpha’s innovations for LED applications include but not limited to die attach technologies, solder pastes, bar solder, solder wire, solder preforms.

Alpha LED Die Attach Technology

Alpha’s dedicated LED bonding materials cover die attach for Flip-Chip, Lateral, and Vertical, chip on board. Alpha’s full range of products can address key issues such as thermal management, efficiency and brightness and reliability and lifetime for the solid state lighting market.

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