ALPHA® Photovoltaic Solar Products

Alpha, the global expert in solder interconnect technology, can provide you with the right set of materials, as well as, guidance to help you optimize your assembly process. The result: high throughput, high yield production and high efficiency, high reliability solar modules. Connect with Alpha for: Liquid Tabbing & Stringing Fluxes, Solder Wire, Solder Paste, and Solder Preforms.

Alpha offers soldering materials for both PV Ribbon Manufacturing and cSi Module Assembly

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PV Ribbon Manufacturing

Fluxes, Solder Alloys, and Analysis Services

cSi Module Assembly

Fluxes, Lead-Free and Leaded Solder Pastes, Cored Wire, and Solder Preforms



Alpha Ribbon Spool Solder Bars     ALPHA PV Series Flux Jug          ALPHA Telecore XL-825


    Roof PV Solar Panels      Solar Panel

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