ALPHA® Solder Preforms

ALPHA® Solder Preforms are used in industries ranging from PCB Assembly, stand-alone industrial applications, and high-end power semiconductor packages. The breadth of the product line includes fluxed and un-fluxed rectangles, washers, sleeves, and custom shapes for specific applications. An all-encompassing alloy portfolio includes standard assembly alloys, high reliability alloys, and low melting point alloys. The use of tape and reel packaging offers ease of implementation into standard SMT manufacturing lines.

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ALPHA® Solder Preforms are an enabling technology for the integration of PCBs into higher level assemblies, power semiconductor packages, and many other stand-alone soldering operations. Alpha has solutions ranging from the highest reliability alloys for power modules to fluxed washers for induction soldering applications. Contact your local Alpha engineer to discuss your specific application.

PCB Assembly
Power Semiconductor
Stand-Alone Applications

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