ALPHA® Soldering Alloys

ALPHA® wave solder and soldering bar metals (wave soldering alloys) offer best value soldering performance – quality solder bar metals products at the lowest cost of ownership, and thanks to a global copy exact product policy, consistency of wave solder supply is assured.  ALPHA® soldering alloys deliver:

  • High Purity

  • Excellent solderability

  • Good wetting

  • Low oxides, low drossing

  • Solder bar, chunks, anodes, preforms and solid wire

  • VACULOY® alloy conditioning process

    Process Base Alloy Assembly Type Product Name Availability
    Wave Soldering Lead-Free
    Standard (<.1% Pb) and Ultra Low Lead (<.05% Pb) versions are available
    IV ALPHA® Vaculoy SAC305, 387 & 405 x x x
    ALPHA® SACX Plus® 0807 x x x
    II, III
    ALPHA® SACX 0307

    ALPHA® SACX Plus® 0307
    x x x
    I, II, and III
    ALPHA® SnCX Plus™ 07 x x x
    Tin Lead
    (63/37 & others)
    IV ALPHA® HiFlo SMG     x
    ALPHA® HiFlo x x  
    II, III ALPHA® Vaculoy SMG x x  
    ALPHA® Vaculoy x x x
    I, II ALPHA® Clean Wave   x x
    Mini Pot Rework / Tin Dipping Lead-Free All ALPHA® SACX Plus® 0307 x x x
    Tin Lead ALPHA® Vaculoy x x x
    Hot Air Solder Level (HASL) Lead-Free All ALPHA® SACX Plus® HASL x x x
    Tin Lead Vaculoy HASL®ALPHA x x x
    Assembly Type
    Simple, single sided, FR2 / CEM-1 laminates Dual sided FR-4 w/ PTH's, 1.6mm thick, up to 4 inner copper layers, metallized pad finishes Complex, up to 12 inner copper layers, OSP pad finishes, all processing in air >2.4mm thick, >12 inner copper layers, large high heat capacity components

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