Environmental Standards

The potential environmental and human health impact of toxic substances is of utmost concern to Alpha.  We strictly adhere to government regulations, as well as applicable industrial standards.  Our environmentally-friendly Greenline products are lead-free, low VOC or VOC-free, and halogen-free.  Alpha’s recycling services turn metal waste streams into high purity raw materials for reuse.  From operations to product development and services, Alpha is committed to manufacturing assembly materials of the highest quality and environmental safety.


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Product Category

Product Name



Halogen Content
Solder Paste
OM-338 T   ND
OM-338 CSP   ND
OM-338 PT   ND
ALPHA® OM-340  ✓     
ALPHA® OM-345   ND
OM-350   <500 ppm
ALPHA® CVP-360    
ALPHA® CVP-390    
ALPHA® CVP-520    
ALPHA® SAC305 PoP 33    
 Bar Solder SACX Plus® 0307    
SACX Plus® 0807    
SACX Plus®HASL    
SACX Plus® 0107    
Wave Soldering Flux ALPHA® EF-2202 ✓* VOC-free  
EF-2210 ✓* VOC-free ND
EF-6000 ✓*    
EF-6103 ✓*    
EF-6850HF ✓*    
EF-8000 ✓*    
EF-8800HF  ✓*
EF-9301 ✓*    
ALPHA® NR-250 ✓*    
ALPHA® NR-330 ✓* VOC-free ND
ALPHA® 9230 B ✓*   ND
ALPHA® SLS65C ✓*   <500 ppm


   <500 ppm
Paste Flux ALPHA® OM-340 ND
ALPHA® OM-345   ND
ALPHA® WS-9160-M3   ND
ALPHA® WS-9180-M7   ND
ALPHA® PoP-707   ND
ALPHA® PoP-33    
ALPHA® CVP-390    
ALPHA® CVP-520    
Solder Preforms ALPHA® Exactalloy SACX  
Cored Wire ALPHA® SMT + ND
ALPHA® Telecore HF-850


* Lead-free compatible
ND = Not Detectable

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