Solder Balls

Solder ball formation during reflow or wave soldering is the result of uneven solder particle melt due to an oxide layer or unwettable surfaces.  Whether the defect is random, non-random, or a result of splash back, Alpha offers on-site expertise to combat these problems.  From conveyor speed to contamination, Alpha will meticulously analyze each step of your process to identify defect causes and recommend cost-effective solutions.

Recommended Alpha products to prevent Solder Balls:

Liquid Solder Flux

Product Lead-Free SnPb High Reliability Low Ag Water Soluble
EF-6000 X X   X  
EF-6100 X X X X
EF-6103 X X X X  
EF-6850HF X   X X  
EF-8000 X X X X  
EF-8300 X X X X  
EF-8800HF X   X X  
EF-9301 X X X X  
EF-12000 X X   X  
NR-330   X      

SLS-65C   X      
615-25 Series   X      
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