Heat Dissipation

Heat accumulation in electric and electronic devices may result in smoke, fire, malfunctions, shortened life, and even system failure. Argomax® sinter technology, thanks to its outstanding thermal conductivity of 250W/mK, allows you to create new package designs that can be significantly smaller in area. Or, you can increase the power rating on your devices.  Either way, Argomax sinter technology delivers value.

ALPHA® Argomax® - Sinter technology that demonstrates its advantages by overcoming the challenges of thermal management and electrical performance under the harsh conditions that the power electronics industry now faces, thanks to its very high thermal conductivity (200-300W/mK)  and low electrical resistivity. Also, because it is sintered at low temperatures and short processing times, Argomax® is highly recommended for high volume manufacturing environments. The enhanced structure of Argomax® improves mechanical properties and thermal fatigue resistance which opens new opportunities in terms of reliability for your products.

Fortibond™- Pressure-less silver sintering technology platform designed to address applications that require assembly at zero / low pressure by processes compatible with existing equipment. (on both semiconductor packaging as well as SMT assembly lines). These materials can be applied at very fine feature sizes (2-3 mils by printing or stamping) and after assembly form a low stress silver joint with very high thermal conductivity (130-250 W/mK) and thermal stability. The highly conductive and reliable bond is critical for efficient heat dissipation from LED device junction layers and enables higher radiant flux (when driven at higher current) and longer device lifetime.

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